Does Owning an Electric Vehicle Impact Your Electric Bills

Jul 28, 2022 | Electric/EV Car Charger, Residential Electric

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular, as people become aware of the benefits of owning one. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of electric vehicles, as well as whether or not owning an electric car has an impact on your home's electric bill. Finally, we will give our opinion on whether or not electric cars are worth the cost.

ev charger
ev charger

Does Owning an Electric Vehicle Impact Your Electric Bills?

There are many reasons why people are choosing to buy electric cars. One of the main reasons is that they are much better for the environment than traditional gasoline cars. Electric vehicles produce zero emissions, which means that they don't contribute to air pollution. Additionally, electric cars generally get better gas mileage than gasoline cars. This means that you'll save money on gas in the long run.

There are some drawbacks to electric cars, as well. One of the biggest is the initial cost. Electric cars can be quite expensive to purchase. Additionally, charging an electric car can take longer than refueling a gasoline car. However, many people feel that the benefits of electric cars outweigh the drawbacks.

One of the main benefits of owning an electric car is the ability to charge your car from the comfort of your own home. With EV charging stations like the DCC-9 available from Mario Castillo Electric, you never have to worry about making it to another gas station before you run out of fuel. Even though the charging process takes longer than the time you might spend at a pump, the fact that you can charge your car while taking care of other business around the house is a HUGE benefit for electric car owners. There’s an initial upfront cost for installing this charger, but it all goes towards an investment that will save you money in the long run.

The Cost of Owning an Electric Car

So, what does all this mean for your home's electric bill? If you choose to charge your electric car at home, it is likely that your electric bill will go up. However, the amount that your bill increases will depend on a number of factors, including the price of electricity in your area and how often you charge your car. On average, it costs about $0.13 per kilowatt-hour to charge an electric car. So, if you have a car that has a battery capacity of 30 kWh, it will cost you about $0.13 x 30 = $3.90 to charge your car. Compare that to the current regular cost of $5.708/gal of gas in California, and you’re saving a significant amount of money to keep your car running.

Despite the fact that electric cars can be expensive to purchase and charge, we believe that they are worth the cost. Electric cars have many benefits that outweigh the drawbacks. They are better for the environment, and they save you money on gas and maintenance in the long run. On average, electric car owners save around $950 per year in maintenance costs, which will make your wallet happy in the long run!

If you're thinking about making the switch to an electric car, we say go for it! You won't regret it. If you’re ready to start thinking about electric cars and setting up a charging station in your home, let us know! Start saving money and the environment TODAY by choosing electric cars and a home EV station installed by Mario Castillo Electric. Contact us today!

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