Let’s Talk EV Chargers And Condos

Jan 27, 2022 | Electric/EV Car Charger

The latest California budget proposal allocates $6.1 billion to Electric Vehicle initiatives. Pair that with the state’s declaration to ban gas powered vehicles by 2035, there’s no doubt that electric cars are the future. Many condominium owners are left wondering how and where they will charge their electric vehicles.

Luckily, there has been an exciting development in home charging options that will make it easy and safe for condo owners to charge their cars at home! The DCC-9 is an EV Energy Management System that will allow the connection of a charger to the main feeder of the panel without affecting the load calculation. It detects the total power consumption of a condo and when that consumption is less than 80%, it re-energizes the charger.

To put it simply, individual condo owners can charge their vehicles without maxing energy consumption.

Apartment and condo building owners may be hesitant to make the investment but there are 3 major benefits of installing a DCC-9 at their properties that they should consider:

1. Having EV charging options will increase the value of the property and meet the demands of tenants.

2. You can take advantage of EV charger initiatives and subsidize the cost.

3. You will be facilitating clean energy initiatives!

It’s important to ensure current and future condo owners’ needs are met. Moving forward, taking care of electric vehicles will be a top priority. Let Mario Castillo Electric set you up for success! Contact us today to learn about EV Charger installation at your condo or apartment building.

Are you a homeowner that wants an EV charging solution at home? We have info here.

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