Why Wired Smoke Detectors & Carbon Monoxide Detectors Are Best

Dec 06, 2021 | Residential Electric

Whether you rent or own, your home should have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. These devices will keep your family and your home safe! But, did you know, your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can be hard wired into your home? Here’s why you should consider hard wiring your detectors.

wired smoke detector

1. Life Span

Hard wired detectors are built to last longer than battery powered detectors, because they always have a power source. Battery powered detectors have to have the batteries changed frequently, and if the batteries die, so does the detector. Hard wired detectors use batteries as backup, so you don’t have to worry about changing the batteries as frequently.

2. Dependability

Since you don’t have to worry about battery life, your hardwired detectors are ready to alert you to smoke and carbon monoxide for 10+ years. And if you lose power? The battery backup will keep your detectors functioning. Plus, hardwired detectors have fewer “false alarms.” Battery powered detectors tend to chirp or go off when the batteries start to go bad.

3. Interconnected

Perhaps the greatest argument for hard wired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is their interconnection. Since they are wired into your electrical system, if the detector in the basement goes off, so will the detector in the upstairs bedroom. You won’t have to worry about not hearing an alert in another part of the house!

Smoke alarms should be in every room a person sleeps and at least one on every level. They should be placed on the ceiling or less than 12 inches from the ceiling on the wall. Don’t place your smoke detectors in the kitchen or within 10 feet of appliances that cause steam or smoke. You should also avoid drafty areas near doors, windows or vents.

There should be at least one carbon monoxide detector on every floor within 15 feet of the bedrooms and near any appliance that burns fuel.

Monthly testing should be done by the homeowner, but installing a hard wired detector should be left to a professional. We know the most reliable brands and the best places to install the detectors. Mario Castillo Electric takes pride in keeping your family safe and your home up to code.

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