What to Expect During a Sub Panel Upgrade

Sep 04, 2022 | Panel Upgrade

Panel Upgrades are a normal part of home upkeep. New appliances, an increasing number of gadgets in the home, and our demand for electricity is putting a strain on existing electrical infrastructures. They simply weren’t built to handle the needs of today and the future! If your home has an electrical sub panel box that is more than a generation old, it could be time for an upgrade. If you are experiencing poor service, or the existing system appears dangerous, an electrical panel upgrade is essential. (We talk more about how to know if you need an upgrade here.)



An electrical sub panel upgrade is usually completed in a day. The length of time and exact process will be discussed case by case. Sometimes we have to move the panel, upgrade wires, and make other changes to future proof your home. We will let you know everything before we begin. Note that the required city permits for the work are not included in the original invoice although Mario Castillo Electric can pull them for you for an additional fee.

During that time, our crew will be in and out of your home testing all your home circuits and turning the power on and off. We understand this can be inconvenient, nonetheless we ask the homeowner to be present during the installation of the electrical service panel to ensure access to the house. Just remember, we are doing this to ensure your home is safe! Upgrading your electrical panel will ensure a steady flow of electricity and prevent potential electrical fire hazards. It will all be worth it.


Day 1

  • Expect a team of 2 electricians to be in your home for the day. Remember, we will be coming in and out and turning the power on and off as we test all your home circuits.
  • Your old panel will be removed and a new panel will be added to the main electrical source.
  • Your technician will finish installing the circuits in your panel and we make sure everything functions correctly in the house.
  • Breakers will be installed.
  • We will repair the interior wall if necessary and clean the area.

After we clean up, we will leave you with your upgraded and safe home! We have just a few final reminders for you.

There will be electrical disruptions during the day (6-10 hrs) as we will have to turn off. If you work from home, please make necessary arrangements as the internet will not be available while we are working on the upgrade. We also recommend not opening your fridge during the workday to keep the temperature as cool as possible.

Let us know which guest bathroom the team can use. If you feel uncomfortable sharing a guest bathroom with them while the project is taking place, Mario Castillo Electric can rent a portable bathroom at an additional cost.

We will also discuss an area for placement of construction debris. The debris can be disposed of little by little in your trash at no additional cost or Mario Castillo Electric can dispose of it for an additional fee.

And finally, our services all come with a 1 year warranty and a financing option! If anything seems amiss after we leave, just give us a call.

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