Unleashing the Power of the Sun: California Energy Storage Rebates and Incentives

May 09, 2024 | Solar Energy

California is blazing the trail in solar energy innovation, leading the nation in the advancement and adoption of energy storage solutions. Homeowners across California have discovered the immense potential of solar panel systems and solar batteries, thanks to the state's comprehensive energy storage incentive programs. These programs facilitate significant savings, making energy storage an economically sound decision. 

With the help of these incentives and platforms that simplify the process, California residents and businesses can lead the charge in the renewable energy revolution, optimize their energy consumption, save on energy bills, and contribute to a more sustainable future. The rebates and incentives offered by the state, coupled with solar solutions and services from Mario Castillo Electric, are making deploying energy storage systems more affordable and accessible than ever!

    The Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP)

    There are a variety of programs available to residents, but the most prevalent is the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP). SGIP offers an upfront rebate to homeowners and businesses who install energy storage systems. The program operates on a tiered-block system, where the incentive values gradually decrease as more battery installations occur within the state. SGIP also awards additional incentives, known as "Equity Resiliency" incentives, to low-income households, customers living in high fire-risk areas, and critical facilities servicing affected areas.

    Find Out if You Qualify for SGIP Today!

    How To Apply for SGIP?

    If you are interested in the SGIP and would like to explore the incentives for your area, you should contact your utility’s program administrator for more details. They will guide you through the entire process, from application to installation, ensuring you receive the maximum possible rebate for your qualifying distributed energy system.

    For more information on the Self-Generation Incentive Program and application, visit the SGIP home page and go to the Section Applying for SGIP. 

    For incentives in your area, please contact the Program Administrator for your utilities:

    • Pacific Gas & Electric Company (for PG&E electric customers and PG&E gas customers of public electric utilities in Northern California such as SMUD and Alameda)
    • Southern California Edison (for SCE customers)
    • Southern California Gas Company (for SoCalGas customers that take electric service from a non-SCE entity in Southern California)
    • Center for Sustainable Energy (for SDG&E customers)

    Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

    Apart from state-specific incentives, California homeowners can further reduce costs by capitalizing on the federal investment tax credit (ITC). The ITC allows homeowners to claim up to 30 percent of their solar battery cost as a credit towards their federal taxes, potentially resulting in thousands of dollars in savings. The only requirement? The battery needs to be charged with an on-site renewable energy source, like rooftop solar.

    Simplifying the Solar Experience

    Once you have your rebate, finding the ideal solar set-up can feel overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be! Mario Castillo Electric can streamline the process and provide the best solution for your solar needs. Our commitment to honesty, transparency, and comprehensive estimates makes the pathway to solar installation easy and straightforward. So save some green when you apply and qualify for California’s incentives and rebates - and let us help you with the consultation, design and installation of your energy saving solar solution. Contact us today!

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