Recent Commercial Lighting Project at a Historic Local Church

Jan 26, 2023 | Lighting

We are showcasing a commercial indoor and outdoor lighting installation recently completed at the First Congregational Church of Long Beach. It's always been a beautiful building, but now it is illuminated inside and out! We're proud to partner with this organization on this project and to help preserve this piece of history in the great city of Long Beach!

The First Congregational Church of Long Beach is quite a sight, with its gorgeous Italian Renaissance architecture sitting on the corner of 3rd and Cedar. This church has been at its current location since 1914! For more than 100 years, devoted members have worked hard to safeguard this historic landmark, like with repairs after the 1933 earthquake, more extensive retrofitting in the 1980s, and the addition of Pilgrim Hall in 2001. This stand-alone facility was purpose-built for education and community meetings, so folks could gather and celebrate together. With these restorations and expansions over the years, the congregation has formed a strong connection with its founder's legacy.

We were given the opportunity to provide creative solutions to highlight the beautiful exterior of the church. Outdoors, Mario Castillo Electric brightened up the area by installing lights to spotlight trees and greenery, highlighting walkways, and making entry doors more visible with additional lighting. All these added effects give this beloved place of worship a much more inviting atmosphere in the evening while also emphasizing its characteristic architecture during darkness. Fulfilling both safety and aesthetic purposes, this lighting project has definitely made a great difference at the First Congregational Church of Long Beach! Such transformations provide an illuminated path for a graceful entrance and an inviting atmosphere for those who make their way up the steps.

Inside, we added a stunning effect to the overall design of their sanctuary. Lights were installed above each stairwell to provide an extra glow and make the walkways much brighter. Visitors and members alike now appreciate the additional brightness. It was exactly what they needed to make sure their visitors felt safe and welcomed in all conditions, day or night. Not only does the new lighting look great, but it provides a sense of security for everyone who visits the church. Now that the area is better lit, everyone can find their way with more ease.

When we decided to install LED lights throughout our church, we knew it would help cut costs in the long run on energy bills. Our expert technicians also follow all Title 24 required energy-efficient standards for commercial projects, including this one. These energy codes help save on electricity bills and curb unused energy. We looked into efficient and sustainable alternatives, which was how we came across LED lighting. Installing these lights was a no-brainer for us: low maintenance, reliable light fixtures that are durable and require minimal electricity, without sacrificing brightness or quality. We feel good knowing that these changes will certainly help the lights in the church stay on longer and more efficiently, while also making sure it stays bright and welcoming to all who come through its doors.

The church's transformation to a bright and modern look is simply stunning! Not only does it make the building appear updated, but it also elegantly honors its long-standing history. You can't help but admire the sparkling new lights that bring life to the structure. The combination of modernity and charm creates an atmosphere that is truly special; one where you can feel like you're in both a historic building and a modern location all at the same time. With this revitalized look, this grand old church will surely captivate generations to come.

At Mario Castillo Electric, we are always excited to work on commercial lighting projects like the First Congregational Church of Long Beach. It was a challenging job but very enlightening to see the transformation. We’d like to thank the church for allowing us the privilege of being a part of maintaining their beautiful building’s history. Seeing an iconic structure catch up with modern lighting technology is always a rewarding experience, and this project is an example of best-practice lighting in historic spaces.

We are also happy to announce that Mario Castillo Electric has joined the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ranks and achieved accreditation! This means that all our customers can feel confident in the knowledge that they are engaging with a company that has been subjected to a rigorous set of standards, ensuring ethical practices and excellent customer service. From wiring installation to electrical repairs, Mario Castillo Electric will certainly provide an outstanding experience every time. Get the peace of mind you deserve and choose BBB-accredited Mario Castillo Electric for your electrical needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you shield light on your next electrical project.

church lighting
church lighting
church lighting

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