Four Common Types of Exhaust Fans

Aug 07, 2023 | Exhaust Fans

When it comes to choosing an exhaust fan for your home, there are several options to choose from. Each option has unique features and benefits that can meet the different needs of your home. When we get calls from customers looking to either replace or install exhaust fans, we commonly ask what type of exhaust fan is currently installed and what type they are looking to replace with. Read on as we describe the top four most popular types of exhaust fans that we can install in your home.

exhaust fans

1. Standard Exhaust Fan

Exhaust fans - those small, unassuming fixtures that are crucial to our homes and workplaces. They may look simple, but they have an important job to do. These powerful fans help to extract unwanted moisture, gases, smoke, and odors from our living spaces. Without them, we would be left with stagnant air that could lead to the growth of mold, buildup of fumes, and general discomfort for your family. Whether it's in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, exhaust fans are there to keep our air clean and fresh. So next time you turn one on, remember how important it is to the health and comfort of your home or office.

2. Exhaust fan with lights

These are fantastic solutions for those looking to improve the air quality in their home while also providing much-needed illumination. These fixtures come in various sizes and styles, making them suitable for any space. Not only do they have all the benefits and features of a standard exhaust fan, but the lighting component makes sure any room equipped with one is well-lit. This makes it a versatile and practical addition to any household. Whether you're looking to retrofit an existing exhaust fan with light or are in the market for a new fixture, exhaust fans with lights are an excellent way to improve the function and style of your space.

3. Exhaust fan with light and heater

This type of fan has become increasingly popular, especially in areas where adequate ventilation and lighting are essential, like bathrooms. These multifunctional units are designed to serve multiple purposes. While the exhaust fan takes care of removing unwanted moisture and odors, the heater and light provide warmth and illumination. They can be found in both residential and commercial settings, and their installation is a significant improvement over traditional bathroom heaters and lighting fixtures. The exhaust fan with light and heater is an all-in-one solution to meet various requirements to provide a cleaner, warmer, and brighter environment.

4. Exhaust fan with light and speaker

For the modern home, this style of exhaust fan is a convenient and multi-functional addition to any bathroom. It performs its primary exhaust fan functions while also providing adequate lighting and a Bluetooth speaker to stream music or connect to other devices. These fans are commonly installed in bathrooms, particularly ones without windows or insufficient ventilation. The addition of a light and a speaker to this fixture makes it an excellent upgrade to any bathroom space, and the convenience and practicality it affords are sure to be appreciated by everyone in your home!

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