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Sep 24, 2020 | Lighting

Lighting your business is something you may not think twice about, but it could be costing you more money than you realize! It’s absolutely necessary to shine a bright light on your business, and by upgrading your commercial lighting system, that light could be brighter and cheaper!

Buildings constructed more than 20 years ago are likely using energy-sucking commercial lighting fixtures that could do with a modern replacement. According to the DOE, older buildings are collectively wasting $50 billion annually through outdated lighting systems. 20 - 50% of your electricity bill is for lighting. Wouldn’t you like to cut that number down? With the right investments now, we can help you start saving money in the future!

In addition to saving you money, upgrading your lighting system can also protect you and your business from electrical fires or issues, reduce your carbon footprint, and, have you noticed how loud old lighting systems are? Let’s get rid of that hum!

So, what are the options?

Let’s talk about bulbs.

First, the obvious update is LEDs. These bulbs use 75% less energy than the humming incandescent lights. And, they last 25 times longer!

Or, you could consider CFLs. Compact Fluorescent Lights also use 75% less energy and they last 10 times longer.

If you’re looking for something a bit more like fluorescents but with less energy use and longer life, consider overhead Commercial Fluorescents!

For warehouses or spaces that need large amounts of very bright lights, HIDs, or High Intensity Discharge lights are the way to go.

Lighting outside? Halogens are a great option for stadium type lighting.

What else can you do in addition to changing bulbs?

Install Sensors

How many times have you forgotten to turn off the lights when you leave your business? Consider installing sensors! Lights will automatically turn off, saving energy and money!

Add a Dimmer

Control the intensity of the light and control the amount of energy and money your spending.

Add a Switch

If you have a large space, maybe you just need part of the room lit up at a time! Put the lights on 2 switches, so you’re not using unnecessary lighting.

Are there incentives?

Absolutely! Not only does the state and federal government offer incentives to upgrade your lighting, but the manufacturer may have rebates too! We can help you find this info. For example, California allows public sector entities to apply for interest free and low interest loans to finance energy efficiency improvement projects in their buildings. Examples of eligible projects include indoor lighting systems, outdoor street lighting and LED traffic signals. California also has broad lighting incentives available through local government and utility providers.

Here are a few other sources to check out:

Ready to take a step towards energy efficient lighting? Give us a call! We will come out to your business and talk about the options. Don’t worry, we are abiding by all COVID-19 Safety Precautions.

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