Mario Castillo Electric AMPs Up K2 Space with Dedicated Circuits

Jun 11, 2024 | Commercial, Outlets

Project Highlight – Mario Castillo Electric x K2 Space

Projecting Success with K2 Space

We’re incredibly proud to share one of our recent projects in which we had the amazing opportunity to work with K2 Space - a startup by SpaceX veterans on a mission to build large satellites.

We installed (2) 480V 40 amps dedicated circuits, (4) 208v 40 amps dedicated circuits, and (4) 120v 20 amps dedicated circuits.

Our Mission: Meet Saftey Standards & Improve Electrical Efficiency

Our mission in upgrading commercial outlets and dedicated circuits is to not only meet modern safety standards but also enhance the overall electrical efficiency of every property. Older electrical wiring, plagued with issues of overheating and sparking, pose considerable safety threats. Upgrading circuits is vital to ensure a safe, secure, and compliant power supply, often being a requirement for insurance coverage. With our expertise, we not only ensured K2 Space met these standards but went a step beyond. The result: an upgrade that dramatically increased the capacity and efficiency of K2 Space's electrical infrastructure.

For commercial business owners in Long Beach and the surrounding areas like Torrance CA, partnering with Mario Castillo Electric is a step towards a safer and more efficient electrical future. Don't let unsafe circuitry hinder your operation, reach out to us at Mario Castillo Electric. We're here, ready to bring you professional solutions that keep your properties safe and compliant.


Superior Commerical Electrical Panel Expertise

This project demanded diligence, precision, and superior technical expertise – all of which Mario Castillo Electric is renowned for in the commerical electrical services market. We navigate electrical services with adeptness to ensure your business is always running. Our commitment to delivering high-quality and timely solutions was once again demonstrated through the success of the K2 Space project. Mario Castillo Electric team looks forward to empowering more businesses.

To learn more about our electrical services and the various projects, read our blogs or reach out today!

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